Electrifying harmonica with hints of Hendrix, the influence of Sugar Blue and true talent anchored in the souls of Chicago Blues legends. Exceptional harmonica with a voice on par with the best vocalists anywhere!

“Green’s well-above-average singing succeeds in its balance between his allegiance to tradition and his aim to reinvigorate the music in a discernible way”

Frank-John Hadley, Downbeat Magazine

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“Electrifying Harmonica With Hints Of Hendrix, The Influence Of Sugar Blue And True Talent Anchored In The Souls Of Chicago Blues Legends. Exceptional Harmonica With A Voice On Par With The Best Vocalists Anywhere!”

Eric Steiner


Every now and then something comes along that shakes things up and upends the status quo. Russ Green, producer, singer, songwriter and harmonica player is doing just that. He is steeped in the past, living in the present and looking towards the future. Predominantly based in blues he has also made the not so surprising foray in to rock. And just as exciting is his having been involved in creating and performing a blues-hip hop fusion. Russ has played and toured extensively across the U.S., Canada, South America and Europe. Both fronting bands and also alongside living legends such as John Primer and Lurrie Bell who have direct links to the old masters of the Blues. He has also produced a BMA award winning CD. All of these experiences have made Russ Green something unique. A voice like no other, songwriting that pushes the envelope of what is the norm and harmonica playing that goes beyond the boundaries and with hints of Hendrix. If life experience makes the man, then this man is made! 




Live at Rosa's Lounge!
Live at Rosa's Lounge Chicago!


LIVING BLUES-”Green is an arresting storyteller”, David Whiteis

MIDWEST RECORD-Certainly authentic and certainly a modern take on the classic vibe”, Chris Spector

ELMORE MAGAZINE-”Green has not only made an auspicious debut album, he’s already a formidable triple-threat who writes, sings, and blows his harp as well as many of Chicago’s storied musicians.”, Jim Hynes

AMERICAN BLUES SCENE-”Green can flat-out sing in a way none of the classic blues artists could. He is also a fluent, fluid harmonica player, whose runs are quite lyrical. Together, this creates a compelling incongruity: a blues singer who isn’t quite bluesy and a blues harpist who isn’t quite what you might expect on a blues album. The tension makes for an interesting album where the songs sound both familiar and different.”, Steven Ovadia

BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE-”The sky is the limit with this artist. What Jr. Wells said about Sonny Boy Williamson II can be said about Russ Green: “His music will linger in your heart.”, Steve Gabe

CHICAGO BLUES GUIDE-”Russ Green is a gem of the Chicago blues scene, and he is the whole package: songwriter, singer, and harp man.”, Rex Bartholomew

PBS 106.7 MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA-”This is more than a debut this is a massive statement, one l have not seen in many a year and one that will rattle the establishment and rightfully so. If Russ Green can produce this type of album first up, then the skies the limit. We are in for an amazing ride in come years with Russ Green if this album is anything to go by and l for one can't wait for what comes next. This is an album l highly recommend you add to your collection straight away.” Peter Merrett

DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE-”On a debut album of depth and maturity, ex-soldier Russ Green parlays the stylistic flourishes of his harmonica (Sugar Blue’s an obvious influence) into an ensemble sound more about dynamism than stagnant conventionalism. Those licks and longer phrases are, indeed, smartly turned and packed with conviction. Chicagoan Green’s well-above-average singing succeeds in its balance between his allegiance to tradition and his aim to reinvigorate the music in a discernible way. Eight highly entertaining originals are joined by two of a serious mien: “Train Of Pain” takes stock of lives affected by urban poverty and “Goin’ Down South,” with guest Eric Bibb, looks at the former heartland and its Jim Crow laws.”, Frank-John Hadley


Produced a Blues Music Award winning CD for B.B. King’s Bluesville personality Big Llou Johnson

City Soul charted for 30+ weeks and counting on The Roots Music Report in Top 50 Blues and Contemporary Blues Albums

City Soul Charting on ABARAC International Blues Charts

City Soul Charting on International Blues Broadcasters Association

City Soul Selected for Collectif des Radios Blues Powerblues for September 2018

City Soul ranked number one on Stingray Music the Blues channel

City Soul receives Global Music Awards Bronze medal for Contemporary Blues Album and Lyrics/Songwriting

Festivals: Burnley Mechanics Blues Festival; Gloucester Blues Festival; San Francisco Blues Festival; Chicago Blues Festival; Big Bear Blues for the Zoo Festival; Kitchener Blues Festival (John Primer); Edmonton Blues Festival (John Primer); Jacksonville Blues Festival (John Primer); Rio Das Ostras Blues Festival Brazil (John Primer); Richmond Folk Festival (Lurrie Bell); Bay-Car Blues Festival (Lurrie Bell); North Sea Blues Festival (Lurrie Bell); Blues Sur Seine (Lurrie Bell); Doheny Blues Festival (Lurrie Bell); Vancouver Folk Festival (Lurrie Bell); Montana Folk Festival (Lurrie Bell) and many more.



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